Bass Guitar Picks: Another Tool

Intro to Bass Guitar Picks

Ever been curious about those small triangular things that produce the magic when they strum the bass? Yes, I’m talking about the often overlooked but oh-so-crucial bass guitar picks. Did you know that the pick you choose can dramatically alter your sound? It’s like adding an extra layer of personality to your bass!

I never used one myself and that is just a personal preference. I certainly have tremendous respect for the way that Chris Squire used one to create some of the most stirring bass lines of all time. It is an important aspect for you to consider in your development.

Why the Right Pick Matters

Sound Quality

Ever tried playing your bass with a coin? I have, and trust me, it’s not the same as using a dedicated pick. A good pick can make your bass sound sharper, clearer, and more distinct.

Playing Comfort

Beyond the sound, it’s about how it feels in your hand. A comfortable pick can make your jamming sessions feel effortless and fun.

Types of Bass Guitar Picks

Material Differences

Plastic vs. Metal vs. Felt

Plastic picks are common and versatile. Metal picks produce a brighter sound, while felt picks, often used by upright bass players, offer a softer tone.

Shape and Size Varieties

From the traditional triangle to more unique shapes, the type of pick can influence your grip and playing style.

Recommended Bass Guitar Picks for Beginners

If you’re just starting, I’d suggest a medium-thickness plastic pick. They offer a balance between flexibility and durability.

Picking the Right Thickness

Thin picks are flexible, great for strumming. Thick picks are rigid, perfect for individual note playing. It’s all about your play style!

Holding and Using the Pick: Tips & Techniques

Hold it relaxed, but firm. Let the pick glide over the strings, feel the rhythm, and let your bass sing.

Unique Picks for Unique Sounds

Ever tried a wooden pick? It might sound odd, but it offers a warm and organic tone. Experiment to find your unique sound!

Maintaining and Storing Your Picks

Keep them in a pick holder or a small pouch. It not only keeps them safe but also ensures they last longer.

Personal Experience with Picks

Over the years, I’ve tried dozens of picks. Each one adds its flavor, but it’s always exciting to find the next best thing! As I said before, I prefer using my fingers, however I have used a pick for some recording situations.


In the end, the best pick is the one that feels right for you. Remember, it’s not just a piece of plastic or metal; it’s an extension of your musical soul. You may find that different picks give you a sound you are looking for to play a certain song.


Can I use a guitar pick for a bass?
While you can, bass picks are typically stiffer and thicker. They’re designed for the bass strings’ tension.
How often should I replace my pick?
It depends on usage, but when you notice a dip in performance or feel, it’s time.
Are there eco-friendly picks?
Yes! Some brands offer biodegradable picks or those made from recycled materials.
What’s the most expensive pick?
There are luxury picks made from rare materials, but it’s the feel and sound that truly matters.
Can I make my own pick?
Definitely! DIY picks can be made from various materials. It’s a fun project and adds a personal touch to your gear.

Steve Lewis

Steve Lewis

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