Left Handed Bass Guitars: The Ultimate Guide

The struggle of finding the perfect left-handed bass guitar as devoted left-handed bassist can be frustrating. I’m here to shed light on this topic, provide some helpful advice, and offer my top picks for 2023 of left handed bass guitars.

The Plight of the Left-Handed Bassist

Being a left-handed bassist in a right-handed world comes with unique challenges. Finding the right instrument is one of them.

Why Consider Left-Handed Bass Guitars

Playing a guitar designed for your dominant hand makes a world of difference. It increases comfort, playability, and potentially, your skill and enjoyment.

Challenges Facing Left-Handed Bassists

Limited selection, higher prices, and fewer resources for learning are some challenges lefties face. However, the situation is gradually improving with increased awareness and demand.

What to Look for When Buying a Left-Handed Bass Guitar

What factors should you consider when searching for the perfect left-handed bass guitar?

Comfort and Playability

Comfort is paramount. The bass should fit well against your body, the neck should feel good in your hand, and you should be able to reach the frets comfortably.

Quality of Construction

Ensure the guitar is well-built. Look for solid materials, a sturdy neck, and quality hardware. Checkout the neck and make sure it’s good and straight and the strings are not too high off the neck.


While left-handed guitars can be more expensive, there are affordable options. Set a budget that suits you, but remember that quality is important.

Brand Reputation

Stick to known brands that have a reputation for producing high-quality left-handed bass guitars. If you buy it new, you can get support from the manufacturer should you have problems.

Left Handed Bass Guitars

My Top 3 Left-Handed Bass Guitars

Here are my personal favorites, chosen for their quality, price, and user reviews.

Schecter Stiletto Extreme-4 Left-Handed Bass

The Schecter Stiletto Extreme-4 Left-Handed Bass Guitar is a visually striking and high-performing instrument designed to cater to the needs of left-handed bassists. Part of Schecter’s renowned Stiletto series, this bass is celebrated for its sleek, contoured body shape that not only looks modern and aggressive but also provides enhanced comfort and playability. The body is typically crafted from mahogany, known for its warm, rich tones, and is topped with a quilted maple veneer that adds a touch of elegance with its deep, figured patterns.

The neck is constructed from maple, offering a bright and snappy response, and is paired with a rosewood or ebony fingerboard that contributes to the instrument’s smooth playability and sustain. The Stiletto Extreme-4 features 24 jumbo frets, providing a wide range of notes perfect for various musical styles, from jazz and blues to rock and metal.

Electronically, this bass is equipped with Schecter Diamond Bass pickups, which deliver a versatile range of tones, capable of producing everything from deep, growling lows to clear, articulate highs. The onboard 2-band active EQ allows players to sculpt their sound with precision, ensuring that they can achieve their desired tone whether they’re playing live or in the studio.

The Stiletto Extreme-4 also boasts high-quality hardware, including a sturdy Diamond Bass bridge and Schecter tuners, which work together to ensure reliable intonation and tuning stability. Its aesthetic appeal is further enhanced by luxurious appointments like pearloid and abalone inlays and a glossy finish that showcases the wood’s natural beauty.

Overall, the Schecter Stiletto Extreme-4 Left-Handed Bass Guitar is a testament to Schecter’s commitment to providing left-handed musicians with instruments that do not compromise on quality, playability, or style. It’s an excellent choice for the discerning bassist looking for a versatile, well-made instrument that stands out both visually and sonically.

Fender American Professional II Precision Bass Left-Hand

The Fender American Professional II Precision Bass Left-Handed is a testament to Fender’s ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation, tailored for left-handed players seeking top-tier quality and performance. This model builds upon the rich legacy of the iconic Precision Bass, combining classic design elements with modern enhancements to meet the demands of today’s musicians.

Crafted with a solid alder or ash body (depending on the finish), the American Professional II Precision Bass offers a resonant, balanced tone with the perfect blend of brightness and warmth. The body is shaped to the timeless P-Bass silhouette, renowned for its comfort and playability, ensuring a seamless playing experience for bassists of all styles.

The neck of this bass is made from maple, featuring Fender’s “Super-Natural” satin finish for a smooth, fast playing feel. The neck is designed with a modern “C”-shaped profile, complemented by a 9.5-inch radius fingerboard that’s available in maple or rosewood, offering 20 narrow-tall frets for effortless playability and precise intonation.

At the heart of its sound, the American Professional II Precision Bass is equipped with a newly redesigned V-Mod II split single-coil pickup. This pickup delivers the punchy, growling tones that Precision Basses are celebrated for, with added clarity and depth to accommodate a wide spectrum of musical genres. The bass features a master volume and a master tone control, providing players with straightforward sound shaping options.

The hardware includes a high-quality 4-saddle HiMass bridge for increased sustain and a set of Fender “F” light-weight vintage-paddle keys with tapered shafts, ensuring stable tuning and easy adjustments. Its aesthetic appeal is heightened by the iconic ’70s-style logo on the headstock and comes in various finishes that highlight the natural beauty of the wood and the craftsmanship of the instrument.

The Fender American Professional II Precision Bass Left-Handed is a modern classic, offering left-handed bassists a versatile instrument that excels in both studio and live settings. Its blend of traditional tone, contemporary playability, and reliable Fender quality makes it a top choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Ibanez GSR200BKL Left-Handed Bass

The Ibanez GSR200BKL Left-Handed Bass Guitar is part of Ibanez’s renowned GIO series, designed to provide left-handed bassists with an affordable, yet high-quality instrument. This model is celebrated for its comfortable playability and versatile sound, making it an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate players alike, as well as for right-handed players seeking a reliable left-handed instrument for their collection.

Featuring a lightweight, contoured poplar body, the GSR200BKL is designed for hours of comfortable playing, reducing fatigue during long practice sessions or performances. The sleek, double-cutaway body not only allows easy access to the higher frets but also contributes to the instrument’s modern aesthetic.

The neck of the GSR200BKL is crafted from maple, providing a smooth and fast playing experience, thanks to its slim profile and the satin finish. This is complemented by a jatoba fingerboard with white dot inlays, featuring 22 medium frets that offer precise intonation and easy playability across all registers.

Sonically, the GSR200BKL is equipped with a versatile set of pickups: a Dynamix P precision-style pickup in the neck position and a Dynamix J jazz-style pickup in the bridge position. This combination allows players to explore a wide range of tones, from deep, warm lows to punchy, articulate highs, suitable for various music genres. The onboard Phat II EQ adds an extra layer of tone shaping, enabling bassists to boost the low end for a thicker sound.

The hardware on the GSR200BKL includes a sturdy B10 bridge, which provides excellent tuning stability and sustain, along with standard die-cast tuners. Its straightforward control layout, featuring individual volume controls for each pickup and a master tone control, makes it easy to dial in the perfect sound.

In summary, the Ibanez GSR200BKL Left-Handed Bass Guitar stands out for its affordability, playability, and sonic flexibility. It embodies Ibanez’s commitment to quality and value, offering left-handed players a solid foundation to develop their skills or add a versatile instrument to their arsenal without breaking the bank.

Maintaining Your Left-Handed Bass Guitar

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring your bass guitar continues to produce quality sound. Keep it clean, change strings regularly, and store it in a case to prevent damage.


Being a left-handed bassist doesn’t mean compromising on quality. With careful consideration, you can find a left-handed bass guitar that meets your needs and budget. Keep practicing, and remember, the bass guitar world appreciates and needs the unique perspective that lefties bring to the table.


1. Are left-handed bass guitars more expensive?
Answer: Generally, left-handed models can be slightly more expensive due to lower demand, but there are still plenty of affordable options.

2. Can a right-handed bass guitar be converted to left-handed?
Answer: While possible, it’s not recommended. The design and construction of bass guitars take handedness into account, so a conversion might not yield optimal results.

3. What is the best brand for left-handed bass guitars?
Answer: Several brands like Fender, Schecter, and Ibanez offer excellent left-handed bass guitars. The “best” would depend on your personal preference and budget.

4. Is it harder to learn bass guitar as a left-handed player?
Answer: The learning curve for left-handed players can be slightly steeper due to fewer resources, but it doesn’t make you any less capable as a bassist.

5. Are there any famous left-handed bass guitar players?
Answer: Yes, indeed! Paul McCartney of The Beatles and Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones are famous left-handed bassists.

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